Joris Chau

Joris Chau

Statistician/Data Scientist

Open Analytics


I am currently working as a statistical consultant for Open Analytics in Antwerp, Belgium. After studying mathematics at Utrecht Univerity in the Netherlands, I graduated with a PhD in Statistics from UCLouvain in Belgium under the supervision of Rainer von Sachs.

As a PhD student my research mainly focused on wavelets, nonparametric regression and time series analysis (in the frequency domain), but my interests extend beyond these subjects and include any practically relevant topic in mathematical or computational statistics from which I can learn something new. In my daily work, I primarily use R as a statistical software, and I am always interested in learning about new R-packages or efficient R programming in general.

The aim of this minimal blog is to collect and share some (opinionated) insights and code as much for my future self as for any interested reader. All views expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer or any other entity I am affiliated with. Note that all posts in the category R-bloggers are also published on